Hi everyone hope you are doing well. So activated charcoal is known to detox and deep cleanse your body from inside and outside. In India activated charcoal is not easily found. I got mine from healthvit. While using activated charcoal you have to be really careful. I’ll take you through it’s uses and how I incorporate activated charcoal in my skincare. I will also Review some other products by Healthvit.

About healthvit

Healthvit is 48 years old MNC which is known to produce herbo- nutra products. They are focused on providing healthcare and fitness products with reliable results. There products are easily available at Nykaa, Amazon and their own website.

Activated charcoal powder by Healthvit

As a peek off mask

Removing blackheads and Whiteheads is one painful task. Using peeloff mask can make the experience a little better. So to prepare a DIY peeloff mask all you need to do is add 1tsp charcoal powder in 1.5 tsp fevicol. Make a smooth paste and apply it evenly on your affected area. Let it dry and peeloff afterwards. You will get clean and soft skin. Use it twice a month only.

As a teeth whitener 

Brush your teeth with charcoal powder rinse really well. Then brush them with your usual toothpaste. You will see instant result.

As a body scrub

Mix activated charcoal with little bit of water and use it as a scrub to de-tan you body.

It retails for Rs 350 for 250g product which is a lot.

Apple cider vinegar shampoo by Healthvit

Apple cider vinegar is not only a salad dressing but really good for hair growth and maintenance too. It provides shine, volume and texture to hair. Helps in Frizzfree and detangling them. Applying a extra product is not that convenient but if it’s already there in your shampoo then…why not!. After using it for 5 to 6 washes I can say it’s a must have for your Haircare. It made my hair super shiney and soft. It retails for Rs 275 for 200ml of product.

This was my take on some best selling products by healthvit.  Hope it was helpful. Thanks for reading.


Written by shivani aggarwal