Hey guys!! I hope you all are doing well. So today, I have something special for you. Well not special but more like something new that I wanted to tell you. Recently I got these amazing facial wipes from Duft and god oh god they are amazing! seriously I kinda am addicted of using these and hence the title of the post. I wanted to share my experience with these addictive and amazing facial wipes.

Here’s what I feel about them :


As you can see in the picture above, there are two packs of such wipes. One is in blue color and the other is in green color. The blue one is – Rejuvenating Aqua Facial Wet Wipes and these have vitamin – E in them (as written on the pack) which is the key ingredient for soft, smooth and glowing skin. It is big enough to remove all the dirt and impurities from my face and my neck and the vitamin E in it clears my skin and leaves it smooth, subtle and free flowing. It also enlivens my skin and make me feel fresh.

So the other one I got was – Aloe Vera and Cucumber Facial Wet Wipes. If you are a regular reader here, you might actually know that I mentioned in one of my previous posts that Aloe Vera is the best you can do to your skin and when it is combined with cucumber, the freshness it gives is incomparable to anyone. The Aloe vera makes my skin soft and the cucumber nourishes the skin from deep pores and leaves the skin breathing.

In my opinion, facial wipes are really important in polluted environment such as ours, to have healthy and soft skin and freshening up our day. I cannot believe how much clean and clear it leaves my face. You can actually see the dirt wiped off. I could show you but that would be just gross! Getting to a little pleasant part, with all the elements that keep our skin healthy, the fragrance they have is just amazing. It also is not too expensive, costing 75 rupees for 25 wipes.


They also sell their products on amazon so you can buy them from there.

I hope you all liked today’s post and got to know some amazing stuff. Comment down below letting me know about your favourite facial wipe brand.

Will write soon…


Written by priya aggarwal