Hey guys! How are you all doing? I hope you all are happy with your lives and if not, you probably have yet not found these websites listed later in the post! These are some sites that can cover you makeup, clothing and footwear and make your life a little easy as they are quite inexpensive and affordable. Remember those times when you spent too much on clothes and don’t want to repeat them, and then you feel like there is nothing to wear in your closet. Well, I got a solution! I have listed a few websites that I feel are not too expensive and still they have pretty good quality.


[Disclaimer : This post is not sponsored by any website or brand named below]

  • Forever 21 : Yes people! one of your favourite stores for shopping actually sells stuff for really cheap online! I am quite sure you have heard about this brand and if not, you should definitely check out their website.  They have cool clothes and accessories. There’s some amazing stuff and also you get one advantage of shopping online and that is ongoing sales. They have sales going on pretty much like everyday and I love this brand!! Go check it here : FOREVER 21


  • Shop Alike : So this next one is a pretty cool site. It can cover you clothing, footwear, accessories and they also have electronics which I think is great! They have a huge variety and amazing quality. They have frequent sales so check them out here : SHOP ALIKE


  • Bag It Today : Now this is a site where can find possibly anything you need from you clothes to your health and personal care and electronics. One thing that I love about this website is that it has trendy stuff for everyone. Go check them out here : BAG IT TODAY

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  • Shopnineteen : God oh god, this website is amazing! I mean just check it out once. They have like all the trendy stuff and damn it is so inexpensive. Just give me a day and I’ll shop everything from this site. Also they have a really cool site..it is easily accessible. I would totally recommend you to check this site out : SHOPNINETEEN



So that is it for today and I hope this blog was beneficial for you all. I will write soon, Stay Tuned.


Written by priya aggarwal