A spa day is we all look forward to rejuvenate,take a break and relax. I recently visited Asian roots a well-known temple for mind and soul. It is been more than 12years now they are providing beauty services which not only includes regular spa services but also health spa services like cool sculpting, hair transplant, laser treatments and many more.

My visit

I visited to Asian roots, gurgaon branch which is in South point mall. The moment I entered I was 50% relaxed as the calm and peaceful ambience does half of the work. Firstly I was talked through what all services they provide and then they suggested me to go for a basic cleanup for my skin. If you have mature skin they suggest then only you should go for a facial. You can get media facials done and other media services.

Due to travelling and wearing high heels my legs have swelling so they suggested me to go for a body suit lymphastim.


I go for cleanups every month but the experience at Asian roots was completely different. Attending was really gentle with my skin which is completely different with my regular procedure. She used products from brands like Forest essentials and Hydra facial.


This is something new and exciting for most of us. You have to lay down in a body suit which comes up to your belly area. This body suit is then attached to a machine which when starts fills up the suit with air and start squeezing your body in portions. This procedure is helpful to remove toxins, reduce cellulite and swelling.

Asian roots specialize in cool sculpting, a procedure in which you can loose fat without any surgery. Applicator sucks the fat and freeze it which result in fat reduction without any complications.

I had a perfect relaxing spa day at Asian roots gurgaon and I would suggest you to go and try some of their services, I know you are going to love it.

If you have any questions or you wanna know anything about any of these procedures comment down below and I would love to answer. Thanks for reading.


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Written by shivani aggarwal