Hey guys! So a few days back I went to Inatur’s newly launch store in Logix City Centre, Noida. There, I happen to meet the founder of the brand Ms. Pooja Nagdev. She shared some amazing facts about the brand and something they strongly believe in, and that is AYURVEDA. So for today’s post I am going to be sharing that knowledge with you all.


Ayurveda simply means living a long and healthy life. According to it, we are all born with our own particular balance of doshas. The predominant dosha determines our physique, our mental and emotional tendencies. To live balanced and healthy life we have to ensure that our doshas are in balance. Through meditation, healthy eating , inhalation and massages we can work upon ourselves to balance our doshas.


  • Vata : A combination of ether and air, Vata is the principle of movement. The word Vata means wind. Qualities of a Vata dominant person : Dry, Hard, Cold, Mobile, Light, Subtle, Irregular, Rough, Sharp and Clear.
  • Pitta : It is a combination of the elements of fire and water. It is the principle of transformation and heat because it is responsible for all chemical and metabolic conversions in the body that create energy and heat. All Pitta’s processes involve digestion or cooking, including the ‘cooking’ of thoughts into theories in the mind. Qualities of a Pitta dominant person : Oily, Sharp, Hot, Soft, Light, Smooth, Subtle, Clear, Flowing, Malodorous and Mobile.
  • Kapha : Kapha is a combination of earth and water, the principle of potential energy , of growth and protection. Kapha is responsible for the body’s nourishment and makes up the bulk of our structure – the bones, muscles, tissues, cells and body fluids. Qualities of a Kapha dominant person : Wet, Static, Cold, Dull, Gross, Soft, Dense, Cloudy, Smooth and Heavy.

About Inatur

Inatur is a brand which provides us with best beauty remedies that fits in our budget easily. I stands for Innovation and nature. Thus it is pronounced as I- Nature. It comprises of a range of natural skin care, hair care and personal care products. These are safe on skin and result oriented. All the products they create, are made out of natural ingredients. These include : fruits, plants, trees, essential oils, etc. They create products using the philosophy of ayurveda. Ms. Pooja also strongly believes in aromatherapy.

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I am doing a short series where I will be testing some of Inatur’s products and I’ll be doing a detailed review of them. The review will include all the information about the product and the brand. So stay tuned for that.

Written by priya aggarwal