So my envy box is back with another pretty and practical box this August. This Month the box theme is purple. The magnetic closure box has a purple rose imprint and omg isn’t it the prettiest.

Here’s what I got in My envy box August 2017

Soultree lipstick

Soultree makes organic products, this lipstick has almond oil, honey and organic ghee. It has cream base with keeps your lips hydrated through out. Pigmentation is pretty good and it stays for around 6-8 hrs. As it has cream base it is not transfer proof. It is perfect for everyday use. In My envy box you get a full size bullet which retails for Rs 550/-. They have 7 different shades those are completely different from one another. I got the shade rich earth which is a deep brown lipstick, suits well with dusky skintone. This is my favorite product from this month’s box.

Seer secrets facial mist

It is lavender and germanium facial mist which comes in spray bottle. It not only smells good but refreshes you immediately. I like to carry it around so I can use it anytime when I feel tired.

This is a full size 100ml bottle which retails for Rs 297/-.

Iraa eye serum

It is night cream made to moisturize delicate under eye area. The main ingredients are exotic algae, Grapeseed, cucumber and Shea butter. It helps in reducing puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. It is a fragrance free formulation which I was looking for so long.

I prefer under eye cream with no fragrance as my eyes are too Sensitive.

Elixir shop- brightening serum (Zaria)

I love how exotic the name is. It’s a blend of lavender and rosemary which goes deep in skin and brings out a beautiful youthful radiance. It helps in lightning dark spots and blemishes. Which helps in even out the skintone. Apply few drops after cleansing and wait for few minutes before applying any other product.

It retails for Rs 550/- for 5ml.

Nyasa- Divine lotus lotion

It contains lotus extracts which helps in toning and rejuvenation, it also has wheat germ oil which promote new cell growth. Love the soothing fragrance. It retails for Rs 105/- for 35ml product.

All in all I love this month’s box. It’s totally worth the purchase. And I would suggest you getting one too.

Thanks for reading. Hope it was worth the time. Bye.

Written by shivani aggarwal