Hey guys!! it’s me Priya and I hope you’ll are doing well. So, recently I got to know about this brand called ‘ETHICARE REMEDIES’ which makes skin care products. I am all about that skin care life and if you are someone like me, you’ll know the importance of taking care of you skin. It is important for me to have a go to skin care brand by my side that I can look up to whenever my skin doesn’t support me. Ethicare remedies does the job for me. It is an esteemed brand that helps me with my skin care problems by providing advice/ tips and products for the same.

I collaborated with ethicare to make you aware of your skin and make it feel a little special. They were generous enough to send me a few of their products and I have reviewed them for you.


So here’s what I got :

  • CUTISHINE : So the first product that I received was this face wash named ‘cutishine’. I really don’t know why they named this cutishine…at first I thought it would be a cuticle oil or something but when I opened it, it turns out that it was a face wash. It treats oily and acne prone skin and I asked my sister to use it because I kinda have dry skin. It has tea tree oil and aloe vera in its composition which is really great.


  • EPI PLUS LOTION : The next thing that I received is this lotion that is more like a body wash but in a lotion consistency. It really good for a sensitive skin like mine. It is also good for treating dry and rough skin. I think I could see myself using it because I love how it treats my skin.


  • OSPIS SKIN CARE SOAP : It is an antibacterial soap that again, has aloe vera in it. It has skin conditioner in it which make it a quality soap. Also, it smells awesome and it is another product that I could totally see myself using.


  • SWEATNIL : Sweating and smelling in public isn’t the most amazing thing.. infact it is gross. I really like deodorants and perfumes that I can carry with myself wherever I go, so it is a great product for me.  It not only smells good but also reduces moist climate in which bacteria thrive.


I loved these products and I could totally see myself getting a good use of them. Here is a link for their website, so make sure you check them out : http://www.ethicare.in/

I hope you liked today’s blog.


Written by priya aggarwal