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About Inatur

So Recently I was invited to a bloggers meet organised by “Inatur”. They have launched a new store in Logix City center mall, Noida. Inatur is skincare brand which make products by using Ayurveda and Aromatherapy. The event itself was fun as I met lot of new bloggers and get to know about the thought process that goes into making these products. Each range is made by keeping different needs of different skin  types in mind. I love Inatur because they make natural products which are luxurious yet pocket friendly. Their packaging game is top notch. I’ve been using their products for months this is the first time working with them.

I have oily skin that means I have pitta dosha which needs cooling elements to balance out my skin. Keeping that in mind they suggested me a bunch of products that can help me with my oily skin.

Products by Inatur for Oily skin

Oil control face wash

Inatur Oil control face foam

Oil control face pack

Cucumber toner

Aloe vera gel

Tea tree oil

I’ve been trying out few of their products for last 15 days and I am obsessed with them.

Here’s my take on some of Inatur products

Oil control face foam

It’s a completely unique face foam wash which help and open clogged pores and reduce oil and eliminate impurities. I use it in my day and night skincare routine. It feels really gentle and doesn’t dry out skin. It contains basil, clove, neem, tea tree and turmeric. You can actually smell these elements. It controls acne, inflammation and bacterial infection. It is priced at Rs 320/-.

Cucumber toner

A light spray right after cleaning helps in unclogging pores and removing excess oil. Amazing smell of cucumber refreshes you immediately. I also use it after applying Makeup as it helps me feel fresh. It retails for Rs 225/-.

Aloe vera gel

I can’t talk enough about benefits of aloe vera gel. You can use it as a moisturizer, primer, antibacterial lotion. Inatur’s aloevera gel is fragrance free. It helps in cooling down skin in this hot weather. Aloevera helps in reducing blemishes and scars. They have added glycerin which helps Makeup to stick on and aloevera will protect your skin from layers of makeup and clogged pores. I have replaced my primer with this. It retails for Rs 550/-

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil works as a medicine for oily skin people as it helps in balancing sebum. They have created a 100% pure oil which you can inhale or gargle with. I like to mix a tiny drop in my face packs and sometimes in my moisturizer. As it is a pure essence it’s a little pricey , it retails for Rs 600 for 12ml. It’s totally worth it for oily skin.

White flower body mist

It’s a floral and intense aqueous base mist. I love the fact that it’s alcohol free. I’ve tried a lot of other mists but they have alcohol which ruins the natural fragrance of flowers. Gentle and sensual fragrance of white flowers like mogra, champagne, chameli and rajnigandha refreshes you immediately. I carry it around in my bag these days. It retails for Rs 950 for 100ml.

I truely loved each one of their product and would recommend you to try them as they are sulphate free, natural products. If you guys want me to review any other range or product from Inatur please leave your​ comments.  Going to try more products super soon and post about them.

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Written by shivani aggarwal