Hey guys! I am back with more of my thoughts and this time its all about Fashion. I love making new designs and when it comes to fashion, I think I have a pretty good taste.Well it is summer time and it is so freaking hot outside. We are drinking iced beverages and we go swimming. But this weather is not gonna stop us from showing off our style and fashion.If I think of summer, the first thing that comes to my mind are the bright colors we can see and my favorite of them all is pink. My favorite shade of pink is baby pink. And that is what I chose for today’s look.

I chose this skater dress with the combination of Baby Pink and black. As you can see, it has Uneven Strips on it which gives it a beautiful look. I found this dress in Incense, Delhi. It is not a place from where you’ll come with an empty wallet. Yes it is an inexpensive shop but the quality is really good. If you are someone like me and doesn’t wanna spend too much on your outfits but still want a decent quality, Incense is for you. Coming back to the look, I bought this dress for 1900-2000 rupees or something. I was so amazed to see such a cute dress for such a low price.


For This look

I went with a ponytail for this look to give it an edgy style. Moving on towards the accessories, I paired this dress with Black wedges with five inch heels. I chose black color to complement the colors in the dress. I got these wedges from stilettos which is again an inexpensive shop and I bought these for about 1500 rupees. You guys can’t really see it in the picture but these wedges you guys…they have so cute golden and black studs on its side and the back. I got the belt from Stanmax in Delhi  for about 400-500 rupees and it is a black colored belt with a white bow in the front. It looks super cute with this dress but it can look good with other kinds of dresses as well.

For the hand accessories, I got this super cute bracelet…I am not sure if you can see it in the picture but it is a black colored bracelet and it looks a little like a hair tie. I bought it online giving away my 200 rupees and it looks so cute. If you’re thinking…why I did not paired it with a necklace…that’s because it would have made the look a little too much.BeautyPlus_20160507132332_save

Well that is it for today. Be sure to comment down giving your suggestions for this look and tell me about your go to accessory this summer… mine are definitely sunglasses.
Written by priya aggarwal