A few days back I shared a video discarding all my hair removal supplies. You must be wondering why I did that, so the title says it all. I went for a Laser Hair Reduction treatment at Kaya. To drop the hassle and wish wear flaunt I availed this hair reduction treatment.

Why Laser Hair Reduction?

I love to wear strapless tops and short dresses, but my major concern every time I wear them is hours of sitting in a Parlour to get waxed or wake up early to shave extra hair growth.  So I end up wearing a shirt or jacket. Not only this, these procedures need to be done regularly. I wanted a permanent solution which is not painful and doesn’t consume much time.

All about laser hair reduction treatment at Kaya

I went to Kaya to learn more about Laser Hair Reduction.  I consulted the expert Dermatologist about the procedure its side effects and benefits.


Firstly target area is marked and extra hair is shaved off. Then they apply a gel & magic begins with using high-tech and reliable machines like the Nd:YAG and Soprano laser to reduce the hair growth. The procedure works on a pigment called melanin and thus may not be effective on grey hair. It’s a pain freeprocedure but you might feel a little burning, completely depends on your skin sensitivity. The entire procedure takes hardly 15 to 20 minutes.


One time investment: One might think that it’s a costly procedure but as compared to the amount you pay for months of waxing and hair removal, it is very cost effective

Saves time: Time we spend every 20 days in parlour and salons to get waxed is exhausting. No need to make a prior appointment or wait for your turn.

Painfree: You never have to bear the discomfort and pain of pulling off each waxing strip. No itching no redness everytime you go through shaving or waxing.

Side effects

No side effects were seen in my case but one may feel itchy or burning sensation which lasts few hours tops.

About Kaya

Kaya skin clinics is a known name for years. I’ve been using their products for quite a while now. To get a Laser treatment done you have to completely trust the clinic. What better than a tried and trusted name like Kaya. An expert dermatologist is always available to guide you through the procedure and helps you understand your skin type and its needs.


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Hope it was helpful. Thanks for reading. Bye.

Written by shivani aggarwal