Hey guys!! Its me Priya and today I am going to be sharing a look that I have put together using the things present in every girls closet. Now this one is a little special for me because it’s the first time I got my photoshoot done for a blog. It was really fun for me to shoot this and off coarse my sister Shivani helped me with this. Coming to the outfit, this look that I have created has shades of grey and therefore, it is a monochrome look! I feel that one can never go wrong with black or white and when the two are combined, it is phenomenal.


To  put this look together, I used a dress to wear underneath a shirt and a belt over it. Now you can modify it according to your choice. I used a black dress with white polka dots on its front but you can choose a solid black or white color if you are not a big fan of patterns. Similarly if you want to, you can change the color of the shirt to white instead of black, as you like. I just love that little gold necklace sorta thing on the dress that hangs around the neck… It gives a little something to the look that makes it more beautiful.

Now to go over the dress, I chose this shiny black shirt with matte black stripes on it. Why I picked up something with both matte and shiny effects..you may ask? Well I did this because it makes the shirt stand out and separates it from the color of the dress. I decided to fold the sleeves of the shirt till the elbows because…duh! Its summer time and none likes to get sweaty.

I also used a thin belt over the shirt as it kind of finishes the look and ties it together. As you can see it has a bow with the combination of both — white and black. It is a great accessory for this look.

Speaking of accessories I didn’t use a bag or a bracelet to go with this look as it would have been too much for it.

To end this simple but cute look, I paired it with plain black boots. It is a basic thing to have and most of the girls have it in their closet. So, I thought why not add it with this look? It made it more prettier.

What will you pair boots with? Jeans or dress? Comment down below and you can also share photos of your look on my social media accounts.

Enjoy the pictures! I will be back with another post soon. Byee!!

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Written by priya aggarwal