.Hello everyone,

So today it’s all about appreciating the hard work that we all bloggers put into our job of providing you all with the latest trends and help you make better shopping choices. I know how tough it is to come up with new ideas for every blogpost and we cannot impart something uninspiring to you all who have made us. Bloggers assist us in broadening our knowledge of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and what not. We all read articles by different bloggers and take something inspiring and helping from them and today I cherish and admire all those bloggers who have ever tried to make a difference in the ways we think. So, here I have listed my top 5 favourite bloggers whose blog are worth a look and definitely change my way of looking at things also these are the ones who inspired me to start my own blog.

My top five

  1.  Santoshi Shetty ( The Style Edge ) : This girl has to be on top of my list because I love her style, I love her blog and I love her and for me when someone inspires me, they are my favourite. Whenever I watch or read any of her interviews, it makes me wanna do something to change somebody’s life or atleast mine. She totally deserves the title – ‘it girl’ and how amazing is that this blogger doesn’t only write articles but also is an architecture graduate. I mean what is there not to love about her…right!tumblr_nkbfgvdx9j1sir9rvo1_500

  1. Aashna Shroff ( The Snob Journal )What an amazing girl she is…seriously…she is writing for like past two years and a few months back she also started her YouTube channel. I tried juggling blog and youtube and I was left with a schedule that was all over the place. How can you not appreciate someone who is spending most of their time to provide you with the best fashion advices…and that is why I am a regular reader of her blog.images
  2. Riya Jain ( Caught In A Cuff )She provides us with best of her fashion skills and looks and I think that she probably is the cutest blogger out there…She is writing from past two years. I proudly would like to say that I follow her from the start. I love how I was able to see her grow in front of my eyes. Riya is a really cool girl with a really cool Instagram and a really cool following! If you are one of the followers of her blog, you know you are cool!!fb876996f0b2f7eec1b603776b437d17
  3. Aakriti Rana ( La Chica Loca ) First things first, I love her website and it is so damn pretty and so is she. Just like Aashna, she also has a youtube channel named Pretty Little Things. Where she posts videos with her dear friend, Shaurya Sanadhya. You guys literally are friendship goals! Also she has like the prettiest instagram theme and you guys should definitely follow her. I just love how genuine she sounds when I read her posts.screenshot_2016-07-05-14-02-40_com-instagram-android_14677085960071
  4. Kanika and Niharika ( The KN Clan ) : Kanika and Niharika are two really amazing sisters. They are trying to help us all in this little world with their super cool blogs. And when I say amazing, I mean amazing. I know them and I got to chat with them . They are two of my favourite people in this world. They always have something to teach us or enlighten us with. It is so great that these two are trying to change this stubborn world with their cuteness.download

Hey guys don’t mind to check them out. I would definitely mention that these aren’t the only people that are my favourite and who inspire me..seriously, the list goes on. There is something to learn from everyone. So, this is it for today.

I will post soon!!


Written by priya aggarwal