Hey guys so I recently got familiar with the app called NEARBUY. Nearbuy is a pan-India online marketplace platform that allows customers to connect with local merchants and engage with each other across 33 cities in India. As a business, it allows customers to discover, buy and save on these local merchants.

Recently they launched a new feature in their app called GO. This feature allows you to reserve a table in a restaurant of your liking on the go and that too at zero cost. It also saves you money as they provide some amount of cashback, upto 30% on your total bill. Currently it is only available in Gurgaon and New Delhi but soon they plan to spread it in other cities too.

Benefits of GO


My Experience with Nearbuy Go

I found the app quite easy to use. All of the information was in the right place. When you open the app, you can clearly see various services that they offer you. After selecting my location as Gurgaon, I was able to see the RESERVE option. I can simply reserve a table in 5 mins. You can see how I did that in the below video.

A few days back, I went Gurgaon. To cure my hunger, while I was on my way, I reserved a table in my name in the restaurant FEEL ALIVE. It was easy to book a table. I entered my name, no. of people and selected the time. It literally just took 5 mins and the table was confirmed. The best part is that this requires no extra charges. Lastly, after I enjoyed the food, I simply paid using the nearbuy cash I had in my nearbuy app and showed it to the waiter. The payment was made and was accepted smoothly. You can even pay using different methods like netbanking and debit and credit cards.

Here’s how the app works : click here

My experience with Feel Alive

It was good that I used nearbuy to search through some new food places. With this, I found something new and different from my basics. It was a pretty place and the decor perfectly went with the vibes of the restaurant. I tried things like Nachos, Pizza, shakes including oreo and strawberry flavours. After that I also had dinner with my family. Everything I tried was good. For dinner we had Paneer Makhni and Tadka Dal with different kinds of indian breads. I must say, the restaurant had a variety of choices and I left with a full tummy.

Written by priya aggarwal