“When someone smells nice it automatically makes them more attractive”.

Hii guys..!! I hope you all are doing good. To feel good you should smell good… And to smell good is not that easy, especially in India, as its too hot these days problem of body odour makes it difficult. Here’s a solution A good perfume can make all bad body odour smell go away. Recently, I got to know this company called “NEESH PERFUMES“. It is India based company which provides a large variety of fragrances classified in 3 categories (Strong, Medium, Light). From citrus, fruity and flowery to chocolaty, woody , musky they have it all. They have high quality fragrances which are life enhancing, special and incomparable.

They use natural and fresh ingredients. Other pro of these perfumes is their size, it is so travel friendly you can just carry it around in your pocket and you are good to go. You need not to spend a lot of money on these… Each spray costs less than a rupee




According to me its a perfect Gift for anyone as it has a beautiful packaging and it is budget friendly. Neesh provides a pack of 6 perfumes one for men and other for women.


I recieved following perfumes from NEESH

  • Moha-beau-T
  • Attar-E-Ishq
  • Bette D oud
  • Attar-E-nazakat
  • Attar -E-neesh


I love each one of them but if it comes to picking up favourite my first pick would be Moha-beau-T. I fell in love with NEESH PERFUMES the moment I got them. Trust me you will fell in love with these too just give it a shot. They are available both offline and online. You can get these from flipkart, amazon and Snapdeal.

For any more information checkout there website.. http://neesh.in/

If you try any of them do let me know in comments if you like them or not.

Thank you!! for reading will be Writing again soon.

Written by shivani aggarwal