Hi everyone in this blog I am introducing a new way by which you can get healthy and even-tone skin.I am going to talk about Glutone 1000 glutathione supplement along with Escor Z vitamin C supplement which helps you achieve that radiance in skin which we all desire and helps you with problems like Pigmentation, Melesma, Blemishes, Uneven Skin tone and much more.
Before we move ahead with the product details, I would like to tell you about Glutathione.


Glutathione is a master antioxidants which is optimum for healthy cells. As we grow level of Glutathione reduces which needs to be taken as supplement to age healthy. Orally consumed Glutathione evens out your skin tone, boosts immunity stamina and detoxification.
Glutone 1000
It consists of L-Glutathione, N-Acetylcysteine& Vitamin C as key ingredient in it.
It also has superior type of Glutathione known as “SETRIA Glutathione” which is GRAS approved. Its measured intake will lead your skin to anti-aging and detanned skin.

Benefits of Glutone 1000

1. It helps in removing wrinkles and sun tan.
2. Improves body’s Glutathione Level
3. Gives anti-oxidant benefits
4. Helps to reduce free radicals
5. Photo ageing
6. Uneven skin tone
7. Skin glow and radiance
Glutathione is suppose to be taken along vitamin c for faster and desired results. Hence or best results Glutone 1000 is combined with Escor-Z.


Escor Z is enriched with Phyllanthusembelica extract, considered as a rich source of Vitamin C. It helps fight free radicals, boosts collagen . Presented in effervescent format it’s the right choice of your daily health drink.
Skin is always busy fighting with the enormous quantities of free radicals produced by virtue of biological reactions and critically because of external insults such as UV radiations, pollution and chemicals.Phyllanthusembelica extract in Escor-Z is considered as a rich source of vitamin C.

Benefits of Escor Z

1. Lightens skin by reducing melanin pigment
2. Increases production and transfer of anti againg protein
3. Exerts photoprotective effects by neutralising free radicals

How to use Glutone 1000

Add 1 tablet of glutone 1000 and 1 tablet of Escor Z in a glass of water and wait for 2 min for them to completely dissolve and then can be consumed like any liquid drink.
It is advised to consume daily in the morning, empty stomach.
For effective and actual results, you have to take them for minimum 4 months and the results will be visible after 30+ days with optimum use and proper diet.
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Hope it was helpful. Will be back with more Reviews.


Written by shivani aggarwal