Hi guys hope you’re doing well. This blog is a little unusual but important to be mentioned and acknowledged. In India many people just wrap their food with newspapers, Polythene wraps or majority of them use Aluminum foils. But they don’t even know how harmful this can be the amount of chemicals go into our body with newspapers ink or Polythene can cause lots of problem in long run. Recently I came across a brand ” Oddy uniwraps” known to produce eco-friendly food wrapping paper.

Oddy food wrapping paper food wrapping paper

Oddy uniwraps is introduced the Global way of wrapping reheating and cooking you every day meal for the first time in India. Uniwrap food wrapping paper is a multi purpose Food grade paper, ideal for wrapping your every day meals like Paranthas, roti, burgers, sandwiches and lot more. It’s a microwave and oven safe up to 230°C. It is suitable for baking and reheating.


Also it is a non sticky greaseproof paper which has high strength even when wet and keep food fresh than any other wraps like foil, cling film, tissue paper, butter paper, etc. It optimise the moisture content of the food. This one comes in a attractive print so that kids will never bring a full tiffin box back.

The most important thing is it is ISO and a certified for save contact with food items. Uniwrap papers are genuinely Food grade free from any harmful Chemicals on metals like and aluminum or plastic. They are made of 100% organic cellulose hence provides the highest degree of hygiene and food safety which we all truly deserve.

Highlights of uniwraps

Eco friendly

Microwave safe

High wet strength

Non stick

Food safety certified


This uniwraps retails for Rs 199 for 20m Roll. So guys I would request you to switch to oddy uniwraps. Trust me as I have been using this for a month now and it is worth the attention.

Thanks for reading hope it was helpful. Bye.

Written by shivani aggarwal