Art is a way to express your thoughts.  I love drawing and enjoy making different kinds of paintings. But I am no professional, I just do it for fun and it doesn’t have to be On Fleek. You can never fail with art, it is a success just to be one.Unique designs are the beautiful ones. It isn’t important to have perfect lines or strokes, but your thoughts should be expressed clearly. Just dream your painting and then paint your dream. I have been making paintings, sketches, drawings and even calligraphy for a long time and today I will share some of them with you people. I just hope that you like them.
  • A sketch of Selena Gomez


It isn’t the most beautiful sketch of Selena Gomez that I have ever seen or it might not even look like her but at least it is my piece of work and it looks beautiful to me. When you draw such a cute face, the sketch automatically turns beautiful. I am a big fan of Selena Gomez and I wanted to make this sketch just so she could notice me but a few days later I changed my mind and never posted it on any social media. I don’t exactly remember when I made this but, it is pretty old. I wasn’t even sure if I could make this but this thought didn’t stop me and I tried to make it. Well the results are in front of you and you are the one to decide if it is good or not but I feel that the hard work I had put into it, didn’t go to waste.
  • Save Earth posters

IMG_20160506_225110 IMG_20160506_225241

I love both of these paintings and I remember I made the yellow one last year on Earth day. I made this in my art class and my teacher praised me a lot because of my unique piece. I used bright colors like yellow and red to make it appear dazzling. I didn’t really used different shades of brown for the tree trunk instead I just kept mixing it with more and more water as moved towards the roots. Lastly for the Earth and the leaves, I mixed paint with a lot of water and gently rubbed it using the brush. I also wrote the famous slogan “SAVE EARTH SAVE FUTURE”. Well I made the blue one this year and I remember at first it was just blue paint and earth with black lines.

It looked awful, but then when put my thoughts into it and showed a little interest, it turned out so beautiful. With blue background and black lines (tree trunks) I used dark green for the earth and also shaded the tree trunks and branches using white paint. Kept it simple and used a flat brush and green paint for the leaves between the branches. I am not sure if you can see red and yellow flowers in the picture but for making them I took a really thin brush, dipped it into paint and made a few dots on the ends of the branches. To finish this up, I wrote a slogan in the center of the Earth – ” WHAT I STAND FOR IS WHAT I STAND ON, SAVE EARTH “.  I think they both are beautiful and I am really happy that I made these also I think that you should try making Earth day posters yourself, it is so much fun.

  • Madhubani painting


Well this one is one of the most colorful projects that I have ever made. This one is also from last year and I made this in my art class. I was different as I used different designs and colors while others used same colors and copied the designs. Moreover, I used my unique ideas. I have made a peacock in the center surrounded by different flowers, leaves and designs. For the peacock, I used shades of greens and blues and for the circles around it, I used red, yellow and gold. I am not sure if you can see golden color but I have used it at different places like the center circle, the smallest squares in the four corners and the middle square.

For the borders, I used yellow, red, green and blue. I also used orange, pink, lemon yellow and brown at some places. This form of painting includes various kinds of flower, designs, and to enhance it even more, the peacock is made as the center of attraction. I had so much fun making this bright and beautiful painting and it is so colorful. you should definitely try making this.

  • The love birds


Lets just take moment to see how cute this looks. Well, this wasn’t my idea, I saw this painting on the internet but it was so beautiful and I had to make this. A blue background, a black branch and two cute little birds, it was that simple. I was amazed to see  how easy it was to make this. I used white in the middle of the background and blue on the corners. For a radial gradient effect, I used a lot of water to mix the colors and starting in the middle with white, I used darker shades of blue as I moved towards the corners. After that it was really simple. I took a thin brush, dipped it into paint and made a tree and its branches also two adorable birds sitting on the branches.
  • Sketch of Nina Dobrev


Written by priya aggarwal