We have all heard about various reasons for oiling our hair. Everyone keeps telling us all the benefits it has. It is considered as a holy grail product for long, healthy and beautiful locks. But what most people don’t talk about is the hassle of this process. No doubt, the struggle is real!

The feeling of oily and sticky hands is the worst and the fact that you can’t go anywhere after applying it, makes it difficult to do our daily jobs. The time we’re dreaming our sweetest dreams, this annoying smell keeps bothering us and it stains the pillow too.
Well beauty is pain! True that!! But what about people like me who actually are allergic to oil? We need a substitute!

Pantene recently introduced it’s newest product called #PanteneOilReplacement.

Initial thoughts

As the name suggests, it’s a substitute for hair oil. Initially I thought, if this thing actually works, I’m all set because can’t use oil. The idea with which the product is introduced is impressive. Imagine not having to go through all the trouble of oiling but still getting the results.

How to use :

  • Rub a walnut size of the product between the palm of your hands.
  • Starting from the top, distribute it evenly through your hair along tge length. No need to rinse.
  • Style your hair as usual.

About the product :

It comes in a gold color tube costing 150 for  180 mL. Packaging is pretty basic and the product doesn’t smell weird unlike oil but at the same time it doesn’t have much fragrance. Its creamy consistency makes it more like a leave in product and hence one can go out after applying it. I apply it before leaving for my classes and it makes them shine. It has Pro-V and goodness of oilsgiving you 2X stronger hair.

Pros :

  • It is not sticky unlike oil.
  • Doesn’t smell bad.
  • Works better than oil.
  • Has Pro-V
  • Made my haircare routine simpler as I don’t have to apply serum anymore. It works just as good.

Cons ­:

  • Honestly, I couldn’t think of anything. I tried but what can i say..the product is good.

I would rate it 5/5 and would recommend you guys to give it a try.

You can buy it on Amazon and Nykaa.

Written by priya aggarwal