Hi guys hope you are doing well. You might have already seen my pictures on Instagram with my brand new Honda 125 cc scooter. For those who don’t know this Navratri I treated myself with a scooter. You all know how much of a fuss it is to get a vehicle. We all have to wait for hours, choose the right fit for us and then get it registered. All of this is one hell of a task. I want to share my experience with you guys so you know how well it went. So I got my scooty from PICKUP Honda showroom located in NIT Faridabad, near delite hotel.

About staff at Pickup Honda

To get a perfect fit for myself I tried and visited each Honda store in the city but I have to say that at Pickup Honda staff really understand what exactly is my requirement and suggested me to go for Honda 125CC scooter. They are well spoken and polite and answered all my queries patiently. Also they have sufficient number of employees to attend each customer without making it look difficult at all.

The employees are well dressed and make you comfortable in minutes.

About showroom

This is 12 year old outlet in Faridabad, which depicts the amount of trust we can expect from them. This outlet is for 2 wheeler vehicles for both bikes and scooters. They have a huge stalk with variety of models and colors. You can easily find this store and even track it on Google maps for exact location.

Also as it is festive season they have decorated it with beautiful balloon, each of these details make you feel special. They also give gifts to all the buyers to get involved in our excitement and celebration.

Why I chose Honda 125CC?

Honda activa 125cc comes in 3 different versions and 5 different colors I chose midnight blue for myself. This bike has a mileage of 54kmpl and top speed of 85kmph. I costed me around INR 60000. Also it weighs around 111kg which is I know a lot but it depicts how sturdy and well built it is.

Every dealership sells identical products, so the only way to choose the best one is customer service and the quality of servicing. You buy the vehicle once but you get it serviced repeatedly. To decide the perfect one, I spoke to customers of all the dealerships, most of them recommended Pickup Honda for their ability to provide excellent servicing. Some even told me that they bought vehicles from other dealerships but for the servicing they only go to Pickup Honda for the service now. This was another reason for me to choose “Pickup Honda.”

I loved how easy and convenient the whole experience was, and I would suggest if you live nearby Faridabad and planning to get yourself a scooter or a bike this festive season go ahead and get it from PICKUP Honda showroom. I am sure you are gonna love the experience as well. Also I will be going again to get the RC and other documents, and will update you guys about that on my social media.

Written by shivani aggarwal