Hey guys..I am here today with something different but trending! Today’s blog post will be about something that has taken over the whole world in just few days. POKEMON GO, by now we all must have heard about it. For those who yet don’t know what Pokemon go is. Its a GPS based game in which you can collect Pokemon for which you actually have to walk around and catch them. You can even combat with others.

pokemon go

I have been playing this game for a few days now. Since I was playing it for the first time, I missed out on a few things. But if you are planning to play it, here are a few things that you should keep in mind..

  • You can pick pikachu as your starter!

The best and the cutest Pokemon for me is Pikachu. I couldn’t believe this but it actually is true. Right at the beginning of the game when you are given the usual Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle choice, pick none of them. As in, physically run away from them. The game will jump them over to try and follow you, but by the fourth time you do this, it gets the message you don’t want any of them, and surprise! There’s Pikachu, joining the party.  I wish I had known this thing before I started.

  • Catching higher level Pokemon require skills!

At first, Pokemon GO seems like it’s simplified the capture system to the point of stupidity, as you just lob Pokeballs at the faces of wild Pokemon until they relent. But, once you start seeing 100+ CP Pokemon in the wild, they will start breaking out. And ones that are 300+? They will prove mighty difficult to catch unless you understand that there are a few finer points to the system.

  1. there’s an entire aspect to capturing most people will miss. If you press and hold the Pokeball, a ring around the Pokemon will start shrinking. When it reaches its smallest circumference, that’s when you should throw, as they are the easiest to capture at that point.
  2. the color of the circle matters. Green shouldn’t be a problem, yellow will be tougher, red will be very hard. You eventually get treats you can lob at Pokemon to reduce this level, and make capturing easier.
  3. Turning off AR is probably the best way to help capture Pokemon, because as fun as it is to see them in the real world, turning off the camera will stabilize them in the center of your screen and make them much, much easier to hit.

Combine these two tactics, and you should have a better shot at capturing stuff, and later you will unlock more secure types of Pokeballs as well.

  • Battling is slightly more difficult than it look!

The first thing you might realize about battling is that in addition to mashing an opponent’s face. You can also swipe to dodge attacks, though it seems hard to use this tactically. But more importantly, I think a lot of people may not realize that each Pokemon essentially has a “special” meter that builds as you attack, and you can use filled bars to unleash a more powerful attack, that you launch by holding down a finger on your enemy. The system is pretty chaotic despite this, but some of these moves can do some serious damage, and they can singlehandedly win you fights if you actually remember to use them. Battling is still pretty lame, but it’s a tiny bit more complicated than it initially appears.

  • You have to beat a rival to take over the gym!

The gym system is a little confusing at first. First I didn’t understand I was fighting other players (I thought I was fighting NPCs like in the original game). Then I didn’t understand why I wasn’t kicking them out once I beat them. As it turns out, you have to lower the “gym rep” all the way to zero in order to make it “neutral” and then you can station one of your Pokemon there. This involves beating a gym two, three or more times, unless you have some team members around to back you up. If you can heal after each fight, this is actually pretty easy to do depending on your CP levels, but the system is not terribly well explained in the game itself.


Well that’s all I know..for now. I hope it helps you. If you know any other tricks, make sure you comment them down below letting me know about them.

Will be posting soon..so stay tuned!


Written by priya aggarwal