Hey guys!! Its me Priya and today I’ll be talking about one thing that we all love and that is PRINT. Prints on tees, tops, leggings….we love everything. So, for today, I chose a printed top and built my outfit around it. I used all things simple and basic because I didn’t want it to look overdone. So let’s get onto it!


By looking at the picture, the one thing that I can focus the most on is the top and that was my goal. I really wanted to show off my floral printed medium length slit top. (This top is from UPTOWNIE101). Denims and cropped cotton pants are my first choices for this kind of look. I chose blue denims since it adds to the blue in the print of the top. Also, my cropped pants had this really cool embroidered floral pattern on it. (Jeans are from KOOVS and cropped pants are from a local store). For footwear you can go with high heels, sandals, sneakers..anything that you like. I prefer heels, mostly because they make me look tall! Also, I feel a choker adds so much to an outfit and it’s a great accessory for this look.

My makeup was simple just like my outfit. Basic red lip and gold eyeshadow is perfect for this look and almost everyone looks good in it. This was my choice and my personal style but if you like something else, you do you! It was just me trying to help you give an idea of what could be one way of wearing printed clothing.

Here’s a short listing of both my looks :

LOOK – 1

  1. Slit top
  2. Blue denim jeans
  3. Black stripe choker
  4. Black Heels

LOOK – 2

  1. Slit top
  2. Grey cropped cotton pants
  3. Black stripe choker
  4. Dark blue Sneakers




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Written by priya aggarwal