Hey guys so recently I got my hands on these Purplle Ultra HD Matte liquid lipstick. These are launched in 10 different shades including shades of reds and pinks. It has both bold, fearless colors and soft, subtle colors.

Pros of Purplle Ultra HD Matte liquid lipstick

These lipticks comes in a beautiful classy packaging with a nice applicator which allows perfect application easily in no time.

These dry up pretty fast.

They are super pigmented and give opaque finish in one application.

These are transfer proof and water proof.

They don’t stain your lips.

Gorgeous shades which suits mostly all skin types.

Both bold and subtle colors available.

These lasts for long surviving good 7-8 hours including meals.

Light weight formulation which makes it more comfortable to wear.

These are smudge proof doesn’t go anywhere stat intact.

These are toxicity free, vegan and cruelty free.

These are very affordable priced at 499/- you can get it on discount from


Lip Swatches


1. My cover-up story 

2. My first prom night 

3. My first dare 

4. My first date 

5. My first hug 

6. My first selfie 


7. My first vacay 


8. My first dress up 


9. My first bae 

10. My first sleepover 


These shades are so pretty and suits everyone.


These lipticks are matte so might dry your lips I would suggest  apply lip balm before you use them.

These are not easy to remove as they are water proof and long lasting. You need to use an oil based makeup remover for these.

Lips will need extra care like scrubbing and moisturizing. You can prepare your lips before you apply these.

Worth buying..??

I have been playing around with these lipsticks for almost  a month and I have been using them everyday. And I would highly recommend these.

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Until Next time.


Written by shivani aggarwal