Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing well. Today’s blog is going to be tasty, healthy and crunchy. Currently I am trying to reduce that extra fat from my body but I have this habit of munching which ain’t helping. Recently I saw these healthy snacks by “Snackible” which have low fat but more protein, exactly what I needed. First thing that attracted me to these snacks is the fusion of different things. I ordered weekly box to see if they taste as good as the name is.



Here’s what I got in my Snackible weekly box

  1. Wasabi makhana : Roasted makhana rolled in powdered wasabi. It is One of my favorites, as it has wasabi it is bit spicy so be careful about that.


  2. Sweet potato and okra chips : They are vacuum fried which makes them more healthier but I don’t really like the taste alonr. Try it will some dip.BeautyPlus_20160824174704_save
  3. Granola crunches : It is a mix of vanilla, almond and chia. It is rich in protein. You can have it in small intervals.BeautyPlus_20160824174737_save
  4. Chocochip waffle : It is the yummiest of all these snacks. Obviously it has chocolate, it is not only tasty but it is healthy too as it has wheat flour instead of all purpose flour.BeautyPlus_20160824174834_save
  5. Oatmeal stroopwafels : It is a caramel waffle with hint of cinnamon. Main ingredient is oatmeal which is rich in fibre and fill your tummy for a while.BeautyPlus_20160824174813_save

I got these snacks this time. I would love to try other too, cute and small packaging make them handy. You can put 1 pack before going out and you are good. No need to buy expensive & unhealthy outside food. If you too like to munch and stay healthy you must try these snacks. You can order your snackible weekly box now

Click on the given link   http://www.snackible.com/

Here is an unboxing video, don’t forget to check it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NQN5mspekk

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Thank you for reading, if you try any of these flavours or any other snack do let me know in comments. I would love to try it too.



Written by shivani aggarwal