Hey guys.. I am back with another post. In this post I am  going to be talking about another look that I created using the basic things from a girls closet. You see it is easy to put together a look with little things in our closet and all it needs is some creativity and inspiration. I have a simple Tshirt dress to style today.So lets see what we’ve got…

Tshirt dress1

Clothing and accessories details

By now you must have figured out why I named this post as “the black box”. In this look I am wearing A Tshirt dress that has nothing but a black rectangle printed on it and a pair of  black boots…well not really! This is not as simple as it looks… In this look I am wearing this Tshirt dress (size XL) from Rawkart, and it looks like a T-shirt dress as it is not the right size for me.

Now if you think that the vermillion collar with gold studs you see, is attached to this shirt…you are wrong! It actually is not attached to it as it is one separate shirt. I thought the look was looking pretty simple without any pop of colour…so I added this vermillion shirt with such a cute collar that has little studs on it.


I don’t really think that this look needed any accessories but if you wanna add anything to it, I think a handbag in the shade vermilion would look great with it. Lastly, for the hair, I think a pony was perfect as you can never go wrong with a ponytail. Just put your hair up, tie them with an elastic band and you are good to go..

I hope you liked today’s post. I will write really soon. Till then make sure you check out other posts on this blog and don’t forget to comment down letting me know if you liked this look or not!!

Enjoy the pictures… Byee.. 🙂




Written by priya aggarwal