So this months vanitycask box is themed as Monsoon Makeover. As much as we love monsoon it sure is wonderful and cheerful but it has it’s flaws too. In monsoons we shed our hair like tree shed leaf in Autumn. Skin gets dehydrated and dull because of humidity which leads to excessive sweating. VanityCask has designed this month’s box very carefully keeping these in mind.

Here’s what I received in my VanityCask monsoon makeover box

Glamisha shampoo and conditioner

Glamisha has aloe vera enriched shampoo and Pro vitamin rich conditioner. In monsoon our hair get frizzy so aloe vera enriched shampoo helps in nourishing and moisturizing them and make them soft and smooth. This helps in strengthening them and reduces hair fall. The shampoo comes in a squeeze tube. It is sulphate free and used best along with the glamisha conditioner. It retails for Rs. 395/- for 100 ml of product.

Glamisha conditioner has tea tree oil and Pro vitamin B5. Tea tree oil helps in unclogging the hair follicles nourishes your roots and reduce hair fall while Pro vitamin B5 helps in preserving moisture and condition the hair. It again comes in a squeeze tube. It retails for Rs.355/- for 100 ml of product.

They both smell amazing and keep you refreshed. You get both full size products in the box.

Votre face mask

This face mask has Botanical extracts and essential oils which helps in recovering the lost moisture. It helps in removing pigmentation and blemishes if used regularly once a week. Use it after scrubbing your face and when it dries is off with water. I felt so much Bounce in the skin by using this so I am addicted to this one recommend you guys to try it out.

It is used for Rs. 1260/- for 100 grams of product.(30gm product in box)

Gulnare Pumpkin facewash

It has non foamy formula which helps in protecting the natural moisture of skin and helps in balancing oil. It contains Honey Rose a boil and pumpkin which helps in radiating skin and gives a natural glow. I like to use it before I am applying makeup. This way makeup goes smoothly and looks blended. It Retails for Rs.400 for 60ml of product.(full size in box).

The Nature’s Co white tea night cream

White tea it is known for its anti aging effects and antioxidant properties they helped immune function of skin cells. This creams that help you in long run while you sleep yourself get recharged and this helps in rejuvenating and replenishing your skin. It comes in a small tub. It has that usual smell which The Nature’s Co products have. This one retails for Rs.995/- for 50 ml of product. (25ml in box)

All in all I am very happy with this month’s box. It’s a value for money box. You get few discount vouchers along every month. This time we got one from Rawpressery. My favorite product from this months vanitycask box is Glamisha  shampoo and conditioner.

Let me know what did you like in this month’s box. Thanks for reading. Bye.

Written by shivani aggarwal