Hey guys…it’s me Priya and today we’re going to be talking about those times when we surf the internet and see all those cute outfits or pieces of clothing which we really wish we had. I am pretty sure you all can relate to this…and if not, you probably are really happy with all the things you own in your wardrobe. Well today, I am going to be showing you some jackets that I wish I had.

kimono jacket Kimchi Blue Callie Embroidered Kimono Jacket

So this first one is an embroidered long-line kimono jacket. Can we just take a moment and look how cute is this pattern on it. Stripes of ladder lace insets adds a beautiful touch to the floral embroidery. The dash of color is perfect with the amount of white in the jacket and the best part is that it is a kimono. Just so you guys know, I am currently going through a kimono obsession right now and this one is just perfect to have in my closet.

As it is pretty plain, something like crop top in the color vermilion which kinda matches the flowers in the embroidery, would be the best in my opinion. For the bottoms, dark blue denim shorts with ripped ends would be great to wear. Lastly, for the footwear, vermilion colored flats with long straps would totally match this outfit.

Drapey Vegan Suede Jacket 37818101_001_h

This super edgy jacket is one thing that has to be in the closet of someone like me. The asymmetrical front drape gives so much more to this textured suede jacket and off coarse it has to be in black! It would be so easy to style this thing…pretty common, but beautiful.

This jacket can be paired with a plain white tank or tee, as shown in the picture above with a pair of black jeans ripped at the knees, black belt, silver buckle and maybe a black watch as an accessory if you like! For footwear black ankle length boots with broad but small heels and you’re good to go.

Embroidered Englaise Kimono Jacket Embroidered Englaise Kimono Jacket 2

Now due to my current kimono obsession, mentioned previously in the post, there had to be another one of these. So this one is a mini lace kimono jacket. I kind of just love the way it flows and has a really swingy fit. It has a straight lapel with half-sleeves and cut out pattern all over. It looks totally cute and worth having.

To style something as white as this one right here, you need to either add a pop of color or you can even make it simple if you like by pairing it with something black…giving out black and white vibes. Wearing a tye-dye top tucked in dark blue denim short folded from the bottom with solid color flats is a great way to pair this white jacket. Well, if you do not feel like going so colorful you can keep it simple too by wearing black/white top/tank with light blue colored denim jeans and ankle length boots with broad but small heels in color black.

32427544_001_d 32427544_001_h

I literally don’t know what to say. It is so..beautiful..yeah that’s the word I am looking for. Well, this is a black colored leather jacket with geo-knit collar and a front angled hem. It has a drapey fit with an wrap-front D-ring closure. I just love how it looks on the model in the picture. Not too complex but still different than usual and quite pretty.

When your jacket is this good, styling automatically becomes easy. It would look great when paired with white pants as shown in the picture and a white/grey crop top. A grey colored belt will make the white colored pants look more beautiful. Add a 3 charm or a 2 charm necklace and a bangle/watch to it as accessories to spice up the outfit. For footwear, black ankle length boots with broad heels and you are good to go.

And the lists ends for today. I’ll be back with more such designs and pieces of clothing, may be making it a series. Till then, keep making your wishlists and keep share them with me.

NOTE : All the pictures that you see in this post are from the official urban outfitters website.


Written by priya aggarwal